At this time we are operating by appointment only.  Please check our online scheduler for the most up to date schedule availability. 

If you are sick for any reason we will need to cancel your appointment to another time.  It really does help us out if you give us as much notice as possible.  If you are unable to give advance notice, we will waive the cancellation fee as long as you contact us before your appointment time.   We will need you to wait until you are symptom free for 10 days before rescheduling. 

How can I help?


We are a 100% word of mouth business.  It really helps us out when you spread the word about affordable acupuncture to your friends and family!

Give the gift of healing with our Pay It Forward program!  With a $10-$50 purchase you help support TCA &  those who have lost income due to Covid-19 at the same time!  For even more warm fuzzies, consider buying a family member a TCA gift card to introduce them to the stress reducing benefits of Acunaps!


Keeping you safe at TCA


What else are we doing at TCA?

-All patients and staff are required to wear a mask at all times while in the clinic.  Please make sure your mask covers your mouth AND nose and that it is valve-free.  All patients are being verbally screened before they enter the treatment room.  

-The CDC has recommended at least a 6 foot distance between people.  We are booking fewer appointments each hour and allowing fewer people in the clinic at a time.  We are also staggering the appointment times to keep clinic traffic to a minimum and have removed many recliners from our treatment room.  We ask that if you arrive early to your appointment to please wait in your car to help keep the waiting room empty.  Additionally, we are not allowing patient family members to wait in the clinic during family members’ appointments.  


-As always, we thoroughly sanitize our hands before and after every patient contact.  We ask you to use the touch free hand sanitizer station when you enter AND leave the clinic.    


-Sheets are laundered after each patient.  Chairs, recliner handles and buckets are thoroughly disinfected after every patient.  We are now a BYOB facility (bring your own blanket).  We also have two high grade UV/HEPA air purifiers running at all times in the treatment room.  

Part of keeping you safe is making sure things are disinfected while not continuously over exposing you (and ourselves) to harsh or dangerous chemicals. We do use several different products in our clinic to make sure we are adhering to all guidelines but the main disinfectant we use is not only more effective than chlorine bleach at killing viruses, it is also non-toxic! Thanks to our on-site machine we are able to chemically generate the disinfectant right at the clinic so we don’t have to worry about a disruption in the supply chain.  

-Gloves are not allowed in the clinic due to cross contamination

Thank you for cooperation!