Celluma is a medical grade, FDA cleared light therapy device. Celluma uses a combination of red, blue and infrared wavelengths to increase microcirculation, enhance lymph movement, increase keratinocytes, accelerate skin turnover and healing.  Light therapy is non-invasive, painless & can be used on its own or in combination with Cosmetic Acupuncture.


Red Dominant Wavelength

  • Tighten skin
  • Increase collagen
  • Soften wrinkles
  • Heal rosacea flares




Blue Dominant Wavelength

  • Treat Acne       
  • Heal Breakouts
  • Prevent Rosacea flares
  • Improve tone & texture
  • Decrease Inflammation
Light Therapy is a part of our Treatment Boosters menu and can be added to a Traditional Acupuncture session.  Reservations are given first priority.