What do you mean by “community” acupuncture?

Community acupuncture clinics treat everybody in the same room, typically in recliners.  This is how we keep our prices low, it is simple economics, high volume leads to better prices.  Many patients have said they prefer the community setting because the recliners are more comfortable than hard tables, they don’t have to take any clothes off, and they can get the acupuncturist’s attention at any time.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t limit what we can treat.  The late Richard Teh Fu Tan, a world renowned acupuncturist, was known for extremely effective acupuncture using mainly points in the arms and legs. And yes, we can even work on back pain!  We have heard that some franchise locations that have a similar set up use set protocols.  Tempe Community Acupuncture DOES NOT use set protocols.  You will receive an individually tailored treatment based on your needs.

Bonus!  At Tempe Community Acupuncture the word COMMUNITY isn’t just short for community style treatment room.  We are also passionate about the community beyond our walls.  A few of our ongoing community based adventures. For example, we do an annual fundraiser.  Each year we pick a local cause and do a fundraiser where the cash from every treatment given is donated to the cause.