Express Acupuncture

Acupuncture To Go Needles are gold plated with a copper and stainless steel core for yin and yang balanceExpress treatments available to return patients only

Limited on time?* Book your Express Gold ASP® Acupuncture-To-Go!

Choose from a variety of treatments:
•Battlefield acupuncture for pain
•Immune Boosting
•Adrenal fatigue
…and more!

Has it been awhile since you have had acupuncture due to crazy pandemic times?  Acupuncture-To-Go is a great alternative for extra high-risk folks who need to take additional precautions in minimizing their time in public spaces due to Covid-19.  Express Gold ASP® treatments are received in a separate area of the clinic from the main treatment area.

*Gold ASP® Needles available with full length treatments too.   Ask us at your next visit for more details!


    • Be gentle when talking on the phone or cleaning your ears.  Do not touch the needles.   
    • Walking re-activates the needles.
    • To remove: after a shower, rotate needles back & forth then pull straight out.  
    • Needles may start falling out as soon as the first day*, this is ok!  This means they are “done”.  Just like with traditional acupuncture, the treatment continues after the needles are removed.  Once the points are activated (which takes about 30 minutes) it starts a metabolic process that can continue for a few days.                                *If preferred to keep them in place, cut up fabric band-aids to place over the needles.
    • Do not leave ASP® needles in for longer than 7 days.
    • If redness or swelling occurs remove needles.
    • Please wait 48 hours after the last needle falls out before receiving another ASP® treatment.

      Any questions or concerns please contact us!